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Prabha Power has been since 1975. It provides products and solutions for the transmission and distribution of line projects. Coming to one of the quality items Prabha Power distributes. It is aerial bundled cables (ABC). Discover and Buy AB Cable Online at Prabha Power. AB cable (also called aerial bundled conductors) is the power transmission cables. It is a very novel concept or overhead power distribution. These are overhead power lines using several insulated phase conductors bundled tightly together, usually with a bare neutral conductor. This power transmission cable is convenient to lay in densely populated areas with narrow gaps between buildings, where it is usually not possible to run bare conductors.

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In comparison to bare overhead lines, AB Cable has very high degree of safety and reliability due to the conductors being insulated with the best dielectric medium. This ensures good protection against ground and line faults leading to considerable increase in system efficiency as against bare overhead lines. The problem of free-clearance is also minimized. Aerial bunched cable system is specially suited in limited space conditions like densely populated areas where laying of underground cables is impossible or extremely expensive. Options to choose from the high-end power transmission products at Prabha Power. Prabha Power offers a wide range of power transmission AB Cable. They are- Low-tension power transmission AB cable and High-tension power transmission AB cables.