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Buy GI Earthing Pipes online at Prabha Power

Buy GI Earthing Pipes online at Prabha Power

Best of GI Earthing Pipes at Prabha Power for Power Transmission

Get genuine power transmission power system GI Earthing Pipe at Best Price at Prabha Power, a unit of Prabha and Associates. GI Earthing Pipe stands for Galvanized Iron Earthing Pipes. GI Earthing Pipe is used for earthing house wiring, factory wiring (especially electrical installations of big factories), neutral wire of the supply line, etc. Galvanized iron pipe is generally used as an earth electrode. The size of the pipe depends upon fault current and the condition of the soil. G.I earthing pipe uses mild steel pipes with Galvanized Iron coating to complete the earthing system.

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Some of the main features of GI Earthing pipe are as follows-

• Less reactive reagent and hence greater protection against corrosion.
• Suitable for any kind of soil.
• Pollution-free nature.
• Skin-friendly compound.

Why use GI Earthing Pipe in the power transmission power system? Know the major advantages of GI Earthing Pipe.
• GI Earthing pipe has large life expectancy.
• Causes no pollution.
• Recurrent maintenance and enhancement are not required.
• On-site installation is easy.