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ACSR Conductor Sizes: Unravelling the Animal-Inspired Names

ACSR Conductors, short for Aluminum Cable Steel Reinforced conductors, are widely used to transmit electrical power across long distances on towering transmission lines in rural areas. These specialized conductors are designed for overhead power transmission lines, offering high capacity and efficient current delivery.

Sizes of ACSR conductors vary, but they typically comprise multiple strands of pure aluminium surrounding a galvanized steel core. The aluminium strands provide excellent conductivity and low resistance, while the steel strands offer superior strength, allowing for longer spans between transmission towers. 

Animal-inspired names are a unique characteristic of ACSR conductors, where different conductor types are given names inspired by animals, making them easier to identify.

ACSR Conductors are compatible with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) power lines. They offer the advantages of low weight, low cost, and efficient current transmission over long distances.

Let’s delve into the ACSR Conductosr sizes and unravel some of their animal-inspired names.

What are ACSR Conductors? 

ACSR conductors are a type of electrical cable designed for overhead power transmission lines. They consist of a galvanized steel core surrounded by concentric strands of aluminium. The steel core provides strength and support, while the aluminium strands offer excellent conductivity for transmitting electrical current over long distances with minimal resistance. 

ACSR conductors are widely used in high-voltage transmission lines due to their combination of strength, conductivity, and cost-effectiveness. The combination of aluminium and steel strands makes ACSR conductors a practical choice for high-voltage transmission spanning over 1,000 feet.

An Example: ACSR Conductors Animal Names Data Sheet

ACSR Conductors Animal Names Data Sheet

The data includes the animal code, number of aluminium and steel strands, total strands, and the overall diameter in inches for each ACSR conductor size.

ACSR Conductor Sizes and Animal-inspired Names

Regarding ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) conductors, their sizes and specifications are generally denoted by animal-inspired names. Moreover, the names reflect their strength and performance characteristics. Also, these names not only differentiate various conductor sizes but also represent the robustness and resilience of these conductors.

ACSR Squirrel ConductorPrabha Power ACSR Squirrel Conductor

Acclaimed for their efficiency, performance, functional life, and conductivity, ACSR Squirrel Conductors are manufactured according to industry norms and guidelines. These conductors utilise the finest raw materials and are manufactured with modern machines to maintain quality.

ACSR Squirrel conductors have a solid or stranded steel core and stranded aluminium. Typically, the number and diameter of aluminium wire is 6/2.11mm, and the stranding steel is 1/2.11mm. Also, the inner steel core has high strength and ruggedness. The external aluminium strands are light but have good conductivity. Therefore, the structure of this ACSR squirrel conductor is simple. Consequently, ensuring little installation time and offers convenience.

ACSR Weasel ConductorPrabha Power

Weasel conductor is most suitable for use as a bare overhead transmission conductor. Both aluminium and steel metals are used in the conductor. ACSR Weasel conductors are commonly utilised in the primary and secondary distribution systems. Moreover, they act as messenger conductors. Weasel conductor can be used for voltage levels up to 11 kV. Moreover, its size has a nominal Al cross-sectional area of 30 sqm.

Also, ACSR weasel conductor strands consist of 6 aluminium and 1 steel. However, the diameter is 2.59 mm for both materials. Also, the overall diameter is 7.77 mm and the nominal aluminium area of the ACSR weasel conductor is 30 mm2. 

ACSR Rabbit ConductorPrabha Power ACSR Rabbit Conductor

Generally used for high transmission overhead applications, the ACSR Rabbit conductor has a nominal Al cross-sectional area of 50 sqm. The ACSR Rabbit conductor consists of  6 aluminium strands of 3.35 mm diameter and 1 steel strand of 3.35 mm diameter. The inner core is stranded steel with a higher tensile strength than others. Therefore, the strength is greater and supports the conductor’s weight. Also, the strength enables the conductor to increase its life span and to resist extreme weather conditions. 

ACSR Dog ConductorPrabha Power ACSR Dog Conductor

ACSR dog conductor is suitable for overhead distribution and transmission of electricity. Also, the conductor consists of stranded aluminium and steel wire. Moreover, the outer strand is aluminium, and the conductor offers excellent conductivity and is lightweight. The inner steel strand increases the strength and helps to support the conductor weight.  

Having a nominal aluminium cross-sectional area of 100 mm², an ACSR Dog conductor has 6 aluminium strands of 4.72 mm diameter and 7 steel strands of 1.57 mm diameter. ACSR dog conductor offers durability, is economical and has a dependability and strength-to-weight ratio.

The combined qualities of aluminium and steel enable higher tensions, less sag, and longer spans than any alternative. Moreover, the ACSR Dog conductor is suitable for extra-long spans and can resist damage due to climatic changes.

ACSR Wolf ConductorPrabha Power ACSR Wolf Conductor

ACSR Wolf conductor comes with a nominal aluminium cross-sectional area of 150 sqm. Moreover, the ACSR Wolf conductor offers better connection and transmission properties compared to ordinary Aluminium conductors. They are utilised in high-tension overhead transmissions suitable for voltages up to 33 kV. ACSR wolf conductor in general consists of strands of 30 aluminium and 7 steels. The diameter is 2.59 mm for both. 

ACSR Panther ConductorPrabha Power ACSR Panther Conductor

Commonly, the ACSR Panther conductor has a nominal aluminium cross-sectional area of 200 sqm. Also, the diameter of the aluminium wire is 30/3.00mm, and the stranding steel is 7/3.00mm. Moreover, the ACSR Panther conductor offers advantages, including economical price, high tensions, and favourable weight. ACSR Panther conductors are utilised for high-tension overhead transmissions. 

Why Choose Prabha Power’s ACSR Conductors?

Prabha Power offers a comprehensive range of aluminium conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) cables and conductors designed for overhead power lines. Our ACSR product line features:

  • Squirrel Conductors: Suitable for transmission lines up to 33 kV
  • Raccoon Conductors: Designed for sub-transmission lines up to 69 kV
  • Wolf Conductors: Ideal for transmission lines up to 138 kV
  • Rabbit Conductors: Suited for transmission lines up to 230 kV
  • Weasel Conductors: Designed for ultra-high-voltage transmission exceeding 230 kV

These ACSR cables and conductors are constructed using galvanised steel for reinforcement. Thus ensuring they are both lightweight and high-strength. The key advantages of our ACSR conductors include:

  • High tensile strength, enabling longer spans with fewer supports
  • Flat, compact shape allowing for more conductors per tower
  • High conductivity provided by aluminium strands
  • Excellent flexibility and long working life
  • Cost-effective solution for overhead power transmission

Therefore, you can consider Prabha Power for reliable, high-performance ACSR conductors that meet your overhead power transmission needs.


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