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For over 45 years, Prabha Power has provided high-quality power transmission products and solutions for energy infrastructure projects. Our extensive product line includes aluminium conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) power cables and conductors that deliver durability and performance.

ACSR cables and conductors are a key part of our offerings. These high-capacity, high-strength stranded cables and conductors are commonly used for overhead power lines.

At Prabha Power, we understand that transmission projects require robust yet cost-effective solutions. Our ACSR cables and conductors check all the boxes – they are an affordable option optimized for performance and reliability.

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Buy High Quality ACSR Cables and Conductors at Prabha Power

At Prabha Power, we offer a wide selection of aluminium conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) cables and conductors for overhead power lines. Our ACSR product range includes:

  • Squirrel Conductors: Ideal for transmission lines up to 33 kV
  • Raccoon Conductors: For sub-transmission lines up to 69 kV
  • Wolf Conductors: For transmission lines up to 138 kV
  • Rabbit Conductors: For transmission lines up to 230 kV
  • Weasel Conductors: For ultra-high-voltage transmission over 230 kV

These stranded ACSR cables and conductors are constructed using galvanized steel reinforced with aluminium strands. This makes them lightweight yet high-strength, with key advantages:

  • High tensile strength enables longer spans and fewer supports
  • A flat, compact shape allows more conductors per tower
  • High conductivity provided by aluminium strands
  • Excellent flexibility and long working life
  • Cost-effective solution for overhead power transmission

At Prabha Power, our experts can help select the right ACSR cables and conductors for your transmission project in Guwahati. With an optimal combination of performance, efficiency and reliability, our ACSR cables and conductors keep power flowing. Contact us today to learn more!