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Prabha Power has been since 1975. It provides products and solutions for the transmission and distribution of line projects. Prabha Power has a long list of power transmission conductors, cables, and accessories. Coming to one of the quality items Prabha Power distributes. It is a cross-linked polyethylene power transmission cable (XLPE cable). Buy XLPE Cables online at prabha power. XLPE cables are a hydronic tubing manufactured from polyethylene plastic. Waterproof power transmission xlpe cable has become the perfect solution for under water working environment. It has high chemical resistance and remarkable moisture resistance capacity. Its thermal insulation qualities make it suitable for use in both high voltage and temperature conditions.

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Polyethylene has good electrical properties and in particular a low dielectric loss factor, which gives it potential for use at much higher voltages than PVC. Polyethylene has been and still is used as a cable insulant, but, as a thermo plastic, its applications are limited by thermal constraints.


XLPE cables are used in transmission of power largely because it is suitable for voltage ranges from low to extra high voltage, surpassing other insulation materials such as PVC, Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) and silicone rubbers.

The mechanical properties of the XLPE Cables are superior to much other insulation, offering greater tensile strength, elongation and impact resistances. The addition of carbon black can be used to further enhance hot deformation and cut through resistance. The XLPE insulation will not melt or drip, even at the temperatures of soldering irons, and it has increased flow resistance and improved ageing characteristics.

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