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Prabha Power has been since 1975. It provides products and solutions for the transmission and distribution of line projects. Coming to one of the quality items Prabha Power distributes. It is the power transmission all-aluminium alloy conductor (AAAC). AAAC is a power transmission conductor cable. AAAC Conductors are used as a bare transmission conductor cable on aerial circuits that require a larger mechanical resistance than the AAC and a better corrosion resistance than the ACSR. They are made of high-strength Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy. The principal advantage of these conductors is that these power transmission conductors have better corrosion resistance and better strength-to-weight ratio and improved electrical conductivity than ACSR conductors on an equal diameter basis. 

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Prabha Power offers a wide range of AAAC Conductor . They are AAAC weasel power transmission conductors, AAAC raccoon power transmission conductors, AAAC wolf power transmission conductors, AAAC rabbit power transmission conductors, and AAAC panther power transmission conductors. Buy AAAC Conductors online at Prabha Power. AAAC is extensively used in overhead electric power transmission and distribution lines which required suitable mechanical strength and electrical conductivity. AAAC is suitable for the long spans network.


  1. High strength to weight ratio
  2. Better sag characteristics
  3. Improved electrical properties
  4. Excellent resistance to corrosion

AAAC are of lighter weight, comparable strength and current carrying capacity, lower electrical losses and superior corrosion resistance. This has given AAAC a wide acceptance in the distribution and transmission lines.