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Galvanized Iron (GI) Channel: Price, Benefits & Uses

If you work with metal building materials or have browsed the structural metal shapes at a hardware store, you’ve probably seen galvanized iron (GI) channel. With its C-shaped cross-section, galvanized channel finds use in everything from residential framing to heavy-duty equipment stands. It is a popular choice for both decorative and structural applications. But what exactly is it, what are the benefits, and how much does it cost?

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about galvanized iron channels, including pricing factors and cost per foot, key advantages that make GI channels useful, and the most common applications and uses. 

Galvanized Iron (GI) Channel Pricing

Galvanized iron (GI) channel is sold by the linear foot, with cost depending on:

  • Thickness – Thicker 3mm steel is more expensive than thinner 1mm steel. A greater thickness provides more strength.
  • Coating – A thicker G90 zinc coating lasts longer than a G60 coating. Go for G90 for outdoor uses.
  • Quantity – Buying full-lengths in bulk is cheaper per foot than buying short pieces.
  • Size – Larger channels cost more than smaller channels.

Here are the approximate costs for common sizes:

12x12mm x 1mm wall thickness channel: ₹0.00 – ₹0.00 per foot [Contact us for detailed price structure]

40x40mm x 3mm wall thickness channel: ₹0.00 – ₹0.00 per foot [Contact us for detailed price structure]

75x38mm x 5mm wall thickness channel: ₹0.00 – ₹0.00 per foot [Contact us for detailed price structure]

For long structural spans, savings from buying in bulk can be significant. Always compare prices from multiple suppliers.

When undertaking big structural projects, buying GI channels in bulk from a trusted supplier like Prabha Power can lead to major cost savings. As one of the Northeast’s leading distributors, we offer competitive bulk pricing on the GI channel for construction companies, manufacturers, electricians and DIYers. Contact us for an up-to-date quote and see how our top-quality products at the best prices can benefit your next build!

Benefits of Galvanized Iron Channel

Now let’s discuss why galvanized channel is such a popular choice:

Corrosion Resistance

The zinc galvanized coating prevents rusting, even in wet environments. The more zinc, the better the corrosion protection.


Channel has excellent strength for structural applications. The thicker the gauge, the stronger it will be.


With proper coating thickness, galvanized channels can last for decades without maintenance. This makes it great for outdoor uses.


Channel is easy to cut, drill, screw, weld, and modify on-site with basic tools. You can install it as a single piece or join segments together.

Weather Resistance

The galvanized finish allows a channel to withstand sun, rain, snow, and temperature extremes without degrading over time.

Electrical Conductivity

Galvanized channel can serve as an electrical ground in wiring applications, due to zinc’s conductivity.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, the galvanized channel typically requires little upkeep, aside from occasional cleaning or finish touch-up.

When you need a durable, corrosion-resistant material that’s easy to modify, a galvanized channel checks all the boxes.

Common Galvanized Iron (GI) Channel Uses

Now let’s look at some of the most popular uses for galvanized iron channels:

Structural Framing

Channel bars make sturdy studs and joists for interior wall framing and roof rafters. They can handle heavy structural loads.

Conduit & Cable Supports

The web of channels provides an ideal surface for attaching electrical conduits, cable trays, and junction boxes.

Decorative Accents

For a modern industrial look, channels can accent walls, hang lighting, or serve as railings in homes and businesses.

Drainage Systems

Connecting channel end to end makes roof drainage gutters or downspouts to control rain runoff.

Door & Gate Tracks

An inverted channel creates a strong track for rolling doors and gates. Stainless steel rollers minimize wear.

Construction Connections

Channels allow the joining of materials like wood, plastic, and metal together in a structural way.

Equipment Frames

The versatility of the channel makes it ideal for fabricating stands, racks, trailers, and equipment frames.

With its balance of strength, corrosion resistance, and ease of use, the galvanized channel brings benefits to all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. And it provides this versatility at a reasonable price point.

Choosing the Right Galvanized Channel

Now that you know the pricing, benefits, and popular uses for a galvanized channel, here are a few tips for picking the right product:

  • Select a thicker gauge channel for load-bearing applications
  • Determine required load capacity and span before buying
  • Get G90 zinc coating if outdoor exposure is needed
  • Buy full lengths instead of short segments when possible
  • Measure area to calculate linear footage required
  • Choose a paintable channel if a colour finish is desired

For expert guidance in selecting the ideal galvanized channel, contact our team today. We offer a full inventory of channels and accessories for immediate shipment. Reach out now to get started!


We hope this beginner’s guide gave you a helpful introduction to galvanized iron channels – including pricing, benefits, and popular uses.

At Prabha Power, we offer a full selection of GI channel sizes and thicknesses for immediate shipment. Our experts can also provide recommendations to ensure you get the right channel for your specific application.

With over 47 years of excellence, Prabha Power is Guwahati’s trusted GI channel supplier for construction companies, manufacturers, electricians, and DIYers. Get in touch today to see how our GI channel can bring strength, reliability, and value to your next residential, commercial, or industrial project.
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