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Solar Water Pumps: Types, Applications & Advantages

The challenges of living in a developing country without access to energy for irrigation can be overwhelming. Therefore, Solar power offers a life-changing solution. Moreover, accessible, clean water is crucial for agriculture, domestic needs, and water for livestock which supports over 60% of the world’s population. 

Therefore, solar water pumps provide a sustainable solution, improving community wellness, providing water for irrigation and reducing poverty. These pumps come in different types and sizes and cater to specific needs and environments. Solar water pumps cover agricultural irrigation to residential water supply and offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution where traditional electricity supply is unreliable or unavailable.

This blog explores the types, applications, and advantages of solar water pumps. Let’s dive in to understand their role in providing clean and reliable water access.

What is a Solar Water Pump?

Solar water pumps are sustainable water pumping solutions that harness the sunlight to supply water. This environmentally friendly technology converts sunlight into energy through panels. Consequently, driving the pump system.

How does a solar water pump work

Solar water pumps are a good solution to provide access to water for agriculture, industries, and households. These pumps are fast gaining traction as sustainable solutions over traditional electric and diesel pumps which have limitations in terms of high operating costs and reliability issues. 

How does a solar water pump work?

In simple terms, solar water pumps convert solar energy into electrical energy that will operate the water pump. The system uses solar panels to harness energy from sunlight, producing the direct current (DC). Consequently, it provides the energy for the motor to pump water out from its source. Solar water pumps operate using sunlight energy to run the pump instead of electricity or a diesel generator. Thus, the pumps draw water from a well or lake and transport it where required.

Solar water pumps have four main components:


Prabha Power Solar Water PV Array1. Solar PV Array

These are solar panels for generating electricity when exposed to sunlight.


Prabha Power Solar Water Pump Set2. Pump Set

This gets the power from a motor to draw water from a source and push it to the desired outlet. It comes in AC or DC variants.

Prabha Power Solar Water Pipes3. Pipes

Pipes are essential to transport pumped water from source to destination.


Prabha Power Solar Water Pump Controller4. Pump Controllers

The controllers are necessary to regulate the water pump and allow it to be turned on and off. They help boost the lifespan of the water pump and protect it from motor damage.

Types of Solar Water Pumps 

High efficiency and low environmental impact are the reasons behind the popularity of solar water pumps. Solar water pumps can be classified into three major types, each with different features:

Prabha Power Submersible Solar Water Pump1. Submersible Solar Pump

Submersible solar pumps popularly called solar pumps for irrigation are placed underwater. These water pumps can pump water from great depths. Therefore, they are suitable for applications that require water to be lifted from deep sources. 

Submersible pumps require less energy to pump water from deeper depths. Also, they are powered by both AC and DC solar panels. Consequently, this makes them a versatile option for a range of applications.

Prabha Power Surface Solar Water Pump2. Surface Solar Pump

Surface solar pumps as the name suggests are placed on the surface of the water source, such as a lake or river. Low in cost than submersible pumps, they are easier to install and maintain. Moreover, they are suitable for applications that require water to be lifted from shallow sources. Used extensively in small-scale irrigation, livestock watering, and domestic water supply, the surface water pumps are compatible with both AC and DC solar panels.

Prabha Power Centrifugal Solar Water Pump3. Centrifugal Solar Pump

Centrifugal solar pumps are best applied for domestic water needs, farm irrigation, garden irrigation, air conditioner water cooling system, drinking water supply, water pipe and pressure boost. The centrifugal solar pumpings have a simple construction, high effectiveness and excellent reliability. 

Centrifugal pumps are very efficient, have a wide range of applications, and come in a simple and compact design. Also, they offer the advantage of low maintenance requirements. They are compatible with both AC and DC solar panels.

Applications of Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are widely used in various applications including agricultural irrigation, drinking water, domestic usage and water for livestock.

Rural communities are dependent on water pumps for daily water requirements. This includes drinking water, irrigation and watering livestock.

Also, solar water pumps establish a regular water supply system in areas that do not have electrical grids. Moreover, solar water pumps are reliable and suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Solar water pumps are ideal for meeting irrigation and drinking water needs in remote areas. The benefits of solar water pumps include:

Agricultural irrigation

Solar water pumps are extensively used in agricultural irrigation systems. They can provide regular water supply efficiently by using the energy from the sun. Consequently, they ensure sustainable agriculture systems and regular irrigation.

Drinking Water

Solar-powered well pumps are reliable sources for providing communities with clean drinking water. Therefore, they are widely applied in electricity-deprived places providing energy for drawing drinking water from water sources.

Domestic Usage

The advantages of solar water pumps have increased their applications in domestic usage. Thus helping to regulate water supply systems. Moreover, solar pumps are an alternative to conventional resources.

Water for livestock

Solar water pumps offer efficient alternatives to provide water for livestock. Also, solar water pumps are a sustainable solution for ensuring a reliable water supply for domestic animals such as goats, cows, and other livestock. Additionally, they are highly efficient for delivering water in areas where access to electricity or traditional water sources may be limited.

Advantages of Solar Water Pumps

Don’t Need External Power

Solar water pumps can be used anywhere, including, wells, rivers, lakes and ponds. They operate solely on sunlight as the power source. Therefore, solar water pumps eliminate the costs and source of electrical power. Moreover, they are a reliable way to power your water pumps in remote areas.

Minimum Operating Cost

Since solar energy is free, your electricity bill is reduced. Once Solar pump systems are installed you don’t need to pay money for drawing water. Therefore, you save and pump water for a more affordable price! 

Easy Maintenance

The greatest advantage of Solar water pumps is the easy maintenance. They are a good long-term investment as they can operate for years. Also, the components are less likely to break down and require new parts or repairs. 

Can Be Moved

Solar water pumps offer mobility. They can be easily transported to any desired location and set up again. Therefore, solar water pumps are the best option when you need a system that offers mobility.

Easy to Install

Anyone can install solar water pumps. Advanced technological knowledge is not needed to set up the water pump. However, if you need assistance Prabha Power team can talk you through the process. 


Solar water pumps offer efficiency making them a great option for powering your well pump. In a tropical country like India solar water pumps are a good choice. Moreover, they save money, they are more eco-friendly. 

Subsidies Available

Government subsidies on the initial set-up cost of solar panels through MNRE capital subsidies for farmers adopting solar pumps lower the initial cost.


This informative blog has provided valuable insights into the different types, applications, and advantages of using solar water pumps. By now, you have a fair understanding of the various options available and how they can benefit your specific needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently choose the type of solar water pump that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

At Prabha Power, we offer sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions. As solar energy becomes more accessible, our high-quality solar pump systems are an affordable, eco-friendly option for agriculture and commercial needs.

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