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Transformer 25 KVA: Features, Applications & Price

Whether you’re looking to power a small facility or supplement a larger system, a 25 kVA transformer can be the perfect solution. For commercial and industrial facilities with electrical loads up to 30 kW, a 25 kVA transformer can provide an efficient, cost-effective power distribution solution. In this blog from Prabha Power, we’ll explore the key features, ideal applications, and typical pricing for 25 kVA transformers so you can determine if this size meets your needs.

What is a 25 kVA Transformer?

Transformers are essential components in electrical systems that adjust voltages to safe, usable levels. The “kVA” rating refers to the apparent power handling capability of a transformer. The 25 kVA transformers we’ll discuss are designed to convert a higher incoming voltage (usually between 480V to 600V) down to a lower secondary voltage (commonly 120V to 240V). This allows the higher voltage from the utility supply to be stepped down for safe use in commercial and industrial settings.

With a capacity of 25 kVA, these transformers are well suited for small to mid-size operations like machine shops, retail stores, office buildings, and more. Now let’s look at some of the key features and capabilities of 25 kVA transformers.

Key Features and Specifications

Input/Output Voltages – Most 25 kVA transformers will convert 480V or 600V down to 208V or 240V on the secondary side, with 120V also common. This provides the lower voltages needed to power lighting, receptacles, motors, and other equipment.

  • Power Rating – The 25 kVA rating means the transformer can supply around 20-25 kW of active power. This depends on the load power factor. The amperage capacity is typically in the 60-100A range on the secondary side.
  • Configurations – 25 kVA transformers are commonly single phase but three-phase configurations are also produced. They may also be provided with dual voltage secondary windings.
  • Cooling – Most 25 kVA units utilize ONAN (oil natural air natural) cooling. Larger models may offer ONAF (oil natural air forced) cooling for extended performance.
  • Noise Level – Expect sound levels of 45-55 dB, comparable to an average conversation. Enclosed and shielded models can provide noise reduction.
  • Insulation/Weatherproofing – Units will have a NEMA 3R rating for outdoor use. Special coatings and bushings are available for harsh environments.
  • Certifications – Reputable makes should comply with certifications like UL, CSA, and CE marking to ensure safety and reliability.
  • Warranty – Quality transformers will come with warranties of 2-5 years. Longer terms with 24/7 support are preferable.

Suitable Applications for 25 kVA Transformers

The versatility of 25 kVA transformers makes them a cost-effective power solution for:

  • Small commercial buildings like shops, restaurants, offices, etc.
  • Light industrial facilities and warehouses running smaller equipment and lighting loads.
  • Multi-unit residential complexes to distribute power across apartments.
  • Mining, pumping, and irrigation systems handle moderate load levels.
  • Hospitals, data centres, etc. to step down normal power or support generators/UPS systems.
  • Machine shops running multiple tools like mills, lathes, compressors, etc. within the capacity.

Properly specified, a 25 kVA transformer has adequate capability to power a wide variety of 120V or 240V system requirements under 30 kW in ratings.

What Does a 25 kVA Transformer Cost?

When budgeting for a 25 kVA transformer, you can expect an average price range of ₹60,000 to ₹1,00,000 depending on the exact specifications. Here are some of the factors that influence the pricing:

  • Input and output voltage ratings – unusual voltages can increase the price.
  • Enclosure type – open, ventilated, or enclosed.
  • Efficiency level – higher efficiency adds cost but saves operating dollars long-term.
  • Certifications obtained – UL, CE, and CSA approval require additional testing and audit processes.
  • Special coatings and bushings – for marine, corrosive, or other harsh environments.
  • Warranty period – longer coverage terms increase initial cost but reduce lifecycle risk.
  • Brand reputation – top brands like Schneider Electric and Eaton charge a quality premium.

When selecting a 25 kVA transformer, focus more on quality than the lowest price. Carefully evaluate the construction, components, certifications, and warranty. A higher initial cost will pay dividends over years of reliable service.

Also, consider energy efficiency. More efficient transformers have a higher upfront cost but the energy savings usually provide a payback within several years.

Choose the Right 25 kVA Transformer for You

We hope this overview has helped you understand the capabilities and typical pricing for 25 kVA transformers. While they represent a major electrical investment, proper selection will provide lasting service and safety.

As one of the top transformer suppliers in Guwahati, Prabha Power has extensive experience specifying, sizing, and applying 25 kVA transformers across various industries. If you need guidance selecting the right transformer or have any other questions, please call us at +91 9394879486 to discuss your requirements. Our experts are ready to help ensure you get the perfect 25 kVA transformer tailored to your electrical system needs.