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Transformer 63 KVA: Features, Applications & Price

Transformers are a critical component of any electrical distribution network. They help in stepping up or down voltage levels to enable efficient transmission and usage of electricity. One such transformer rating that finds several industrial and power distribution applications is the 63 KVA transformer. This transformer is not merely a piece of equipment; it’s a powerhouse that caters to the intricate needs of medium-sized power distribution networks and industrial applications.

This blog delves into the features, applications, advantages and price options that define the transformer 63 KVA. It thus comprehensively showcases its pivotal role in powering progress and ensuring a resilient and efficient electrical infrastructure.

What is a 63 KVA Transformer?

A 63 KVA (kilovolt-ampere) transformer has a maximum rated capacity of 63,000 volt-amperes. The KVA rating refers to the apparent power handling capability of the transformer. Such medium-capacity transformers are suitable for industrial sites, commercial complexes, housing societies etc. They are available as both oil-filled and dry-type transformers with voltage ratings suitable for stepping down 11kV or 33kV electricity supply to 415V levels usable by consumers.

Key Features of 63 KVA Transformer

High efficiency and low power loss: These transformers are designed to operate with high efficiency and low power loss. This means that they can transfer a large amount of power with minimal energy loss.

Reliable and durable construction: These transformers are built to last. They are made with high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigours of industrial and commercial environments.

Advanced safety features: These transformers are equipped with several advanced safety features, such as overload protection and thermal protection. These features help to protect the transformer from damage and ensure the safety of personnel.

Some other salient features of 63 KVA distribution transformers are:

  • Available as a 3-phase transformer for balanced loading in three wires
  • Copper or aluminium windings for efficiency and durability
  • Insulating oil or resin impregnation for cooling and insulation
  • Manual/automatic tap-changing provisions
  • Overload protection through relays and fuses
  • Sturdy weatherproof enclosures for outdoor installation
  • Low losses to minimize power wastage

Typical Applications

63 KVA transformers are commonly used in a variety of applications, including:

Commercial buildings: These transformers are often used in commercial buildings to step down the voltage of electricity from the utility grid to a level that is suitable for use by lighting, appliances, and other equipment.

Industrial plants: These transformers are also commonly used in industrial plants to step down the voltage of electricity for use by motors, machinery, and other equipment.

Residential neighbourhoods: These transformers can also be used in residential neighbourhoods to step down the voltage of electricity for use by homes.

Infrastructure projects: These transformers are often used in infrastructure projects, such as roads and bridges, to provide power for lighting and other equipment.

Price Range

The price of a 63 KVA transformer can vary from ₹75,000 to ₹2,50,000 depending on the type, construction, rating, manufacturer and capabilities. However, Prabha Power offers one of the most affordable 63 KVA transformers in the market without compromising on quality and performance. Installation and ancillary equipment cost extra. Bulk purchase attracts discounts from vendors. The affordable pricing combined with robust design makes Prabha Power transformers a value-for-money purchase.

Benefits and Advantages

Some benefits and advantages of using 63 KVA transformers are:

Reliable Power Supply: Well-designed 63 KVA transformers supply uninterrupted quality power. This enables the smooth functioning of industrial processes and commercial establishments.

High Efficiency: Advanced construction using superior core materials minimizes energy losses. This results in over 95% efficiency, saving operational costs.

Compact Size: Modern 63 KVA transformers occupy less floor space due to innovations in core materials and cooling methods. This offers installation flexibility.

Safety: Inbuilt protection mechanisms like fuses, and relays ensure safety at overloads. Options for gas and temperature monitoring are also available.

Environmental Benefits: Higher efficiency leads to lower emissions associated with power generation. Longer service life with lower loss also favours sustainability.

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and safe transformer for your medium-sized power distribution network or industrial application, then a 63 KVA transformer is a great option to consider.


63 KVA transformers offer a versatile solution for low and medium-voltage electrical distribution needs across residences, commercial sites and industrial facilities. Their high efficiency, reliability and safety make them a sound investment for consumers and utilities alike economically and environmentally.

Prabha Power 63 KVA transformers are a high-quality and reliable option for a variety of applications. For top-quality 63 KVA transformers for your power distribution needs, trust the experts at Prabha Power. 

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