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Disc Insulators are used in high voltage transmission and distribution lines which are designed for fulfilling the required electro-mechanical strength. An Insulator for power transmission lines that is made up of high-grade wet processes like brown-green glazed is known as disc insulator. Disc insulators are used in transmission and distribution systems. The designs of these insulators mainly change based on customer requirements. disc insulators provide a cost-effective solution for medium & low polluted environments and these are designed with high-grade raw materials. These insulators are well-known in the broad market because they are mostly used in transmission & distribution lines. 

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Buy Disc Insulators for power transmission Lines at Prabha Power

Types of Disc Insulators for power transmission line:

  1. Suspension type Insulators: In these types of insulators power transmission lines, the conductor is hanged under the support point. These types of insulators for power transmission lines are available in two types namely connected cap type & interlinking/ Hewlett type insulators. These insulators are available at a low-cost compared with pin-type insulators and these are flexible and reliable more.
  2. Strain Type Insulator: This kind of insulator power transmission lines is also known as a tension insulator. These insulators are utilized in overhead electrical wiring for supporting overhead power lines & radio antennas. The discs are connected in a horizontal position. For a long period, several strain insulators are used by connecting them in parallel. In this case, two strings are connected through two yokes.

Advantages of Disc Insulators for transmission line:

  • This type of insulator for power transmission line has a normal voltage rating like 11KV, so a suspension string can be designed with a set of discs.
  • In suspension insulators, if any one of the discs is damaged then it can be changed much simply.
  • Mechanical pressures on this insulator power transmission line are less due to the hanging line on an elastic suspension string.
  • This kind of insulator for power transmission line is used at any high voltage by connecting discs separately
  • Repair is reasonable as simply damage unit can change.
  • It protects from noise, electricity, and heat.
  • It gives support to the overhead conductor.
  • In a substation, it protects the transformer, switchgear, etc.