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Gang Operated AB Switch

Buy Gang-operated AB Switch online at prabha power

Buy Gang operated AB Switch at prabha power

buy Gang operated AB Switch online at Prabha Power for Power Transmission and Distribution Line projects

Prabha Power has been since 1975. It provides products and solutions for the transmission and distribution of line projects. Coming to one of the quality items Prabha Power distributes. It is the Gang-operated AB  Switch. The most commonly used switch in small to medium substations is a gang-operated, air-break disconnect switch. It is “Gang-operated” because the three separate switches for each phase are operated as a group from a single control; “air-break” because the switch operates in the air rather than in another medium, such as oil. Air break switch is a switchgear device that uses air as the dielectric. Gang Operated AB Switches (ABS) are installed throughout distribution networks for use as both isolation and switching points.

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Buy High Quality Gang operated AB Switch at Prabha Power

Air Break Changeover Switch is an essential unit of all overhead power transmission lines used to connect or disconnect the power system of a part of overhead cable and transformer from the main power distribution line. Our product range includes a wide range of 11KV Air Break Switch (GOAB Switch), Disconnecting Switch 11KV, Rotating Type GOAB Switch 11/22/33KV, Composite Polymer AB Switch 11/22/33KV, 11KV GODO Combined Switch and Double Stack Tilting Type 22KV AB Switch.

Types of Gang Operated AB Switch,

  • 33KV, 1200A GOAB SWITCH
  • 33KV, 400A Solid Core GOAB Switch
  • 11KV, 200A AB Switch
  • 11KV, 200A Changeover AB Switch
  • 11KV,400A AB Switch