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Get the high-end power transmission line insulation items at Prabha Power, a unit of Prabha and Associates.An Isolator for power transmission line is a manually operated mechanical switch that isolates the faulty section of a substation. It is used to separate a faulty section for repair from a healthy section in order to avoid the occurrence of severe faults. It is also called a disconnector or disconnecting switch. Based on Application isolators is classified into four types. Single Break power transmission line Isolator, Double Break power transmission line Isolator, Pantograph power transmission line Isolator, MCB power transmission line Isolator.

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Buy High Quality Isolators at Prabha Power

A power transmission line Isolator utilizes a transversely magnetized ferrite junction to direct incoming microwave energy. When a signal enters the device, it travels in the direction of the flowing magnetic field. In this way, the signal is directed to the desired port on the device. Advantages of power transmission line Isolators: When it is connected between source and load, the Isolator for power transmission line helps to eliminate variations in output power from the source as it blocks any reflections going towards the source from the load. Moreover, it avoids frequency pulling due to changing loads.