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Distribution Transformer: Types, Features and Applications

The modern world runs on electricity, and at the heart of this vast power distribution infrastructure lies the humble yet crucial distribution transformer. From large industrial complexes to small household appliances, we depend on a steady supply of power for lighting, heating, computing, communication, transportation, and innumerable other applications.

Though often overlooked, the distribution transformer plays a vital role in ensuring that the electricity we use reaches our homes and businesses safely and efficiently. In this blog post, we will discuss about distribution transformers, their types, unique features, and the various applications they serve in our power-driven world.

What is a Distribution Transformer?

A distribution transformer is a type of transformer that reduces high-voltage electricity from power stations down to lower levels suitable for distribution to end-use residential, commercial and industrial customers. It essentially acts as the critical link between the high-voltage transmission network and the low-voltage distribution network in the power system.

Distribution transformers come in various standard sizes and power ratings to match different distribution voltage levels as well as load demands. They are usually installed on utility poles, ground pads or underground vaults near the area being served. Based on several phases, there are mainly two types:

1. Single Phase Distribution Transformer

Ideal for lower capacity applications like residential complexes, commercial buildings etc. Common ratings are 10 kVA, 25 kVA, 63kVA.

2. Three-Phase Distribution Transformer

Used for higher capacities in industrial setups, large residential complexes etc. Some common ratings for three-phase distribution transformers are 25kVA, 40kVA, 63kVA, 100kVA, 160kVA, 200kVA, 315kVA, 500kVA etc.

Transformer 25KVA Price25 kVA Transformer: This small-capacity transformer is ideal for small commercial establishments like shops, clinics, schools, restaurants, and small offices, as well as low-rise residential buildings. It can adequately meet the modest power demands from lighting, heating, ventilation, computing etc.

63 kVA TransformerTransformer 63 KVA: This medium-capacity transformer is widely used in apartment blocks, commercial complexes housing multiple shops and offices, small hotels, medium factories and industrial units. It can supply power for lighting, motors, machinery, lifts, pumps etc.

100 kVA Transformerbuy 100 kva distribution transformer online: This common rating can supply electricity to large residential apartments, clusters of shops and commercial establishments, medium-scale production units, and small industrial plants for operating machinery, motors, heating equipment, lighting etc.

160 kVA TransformerBuy transformer 160 kva at best price: With its high capacity, this model is suitable for large commercial buildings like malls, IT parks, and luxury hotels as well as medium-scale heavy industries having high wattage motors and heating loads.

Buy Transformer 200 KVA at cheap price in Guwahati200 kVA Transformer: Mainly utilised in large gated residential communities, office campuses, shopping centres, and industrial plants running production lines with many high-rating electric devices and motors. Meets fairly heavy loads efficiently.

250 kVA TransformerBuy Transformer 250 KVA at cheap price: Typically used to power loads in energy-intensive commercial complexes with large computing facilities or industrial units with production machinery, high-capacity heating or welding equipment that require stable high-capacity power feed.

315 kVA TransformerBuy Distribution Transformer 315 KVA at best price: Can supply stable quality power to heavy electrical loads in large factories, mills, mineral processing plants running very heavy motor drives, high capacity industrial furnaces, metal cutting/compression machines etc.

400 kVA TransformerBuy Distribution Transformer 400 KVA at best price: Suitable for supplying power to large commercial facilities like shopping malls, data centres, and chain hotels which have high load demands from air-conditioning, lighting, elevators and computing equipment.

500 kVA Transformer9: Reliably meets the heavy usage needs of industrial plants operating several production lines, metal processing machinery, large heating furnaces, and other equipment requiring high electrical loads.

Salient Features of Distribution Transformer

Modern distribution transformers incorporate some salient features that make them suitable for the demanding requirements of power distribution:

1. High efficiency: Careful design optimization ensures very low losses during energy transfer resulting in high efficiency of over 97%. This keeps electricity costs low by reducing wastage.

2. Reliability: Stringent quality control in design, raw materials and manufacturing results in highly reliable units that provide trouble-free service for over 25 years.

3. Overload capability: Short-term overloading above the rated capacity is supported to account for occasional spikes in demand.

4. Protection features: Inbuilt devices protect the transformer from issues like overheating, voltage spikes, short circuits etc.

5. Minimal maintenance: Robust sealed tanks with long-life insulating oil minimize maintenance requirements.

6. Compact footprint: Pole-mounted transformers utilize minimal ground space.

7. Low environmental impact: Distribution transformers utilize non-toxic, biodegradable vegetable-based oil instead of mineral oils.

Applications of Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformers have some key applications in power systems:
  • Step down high transmission voltages of 33kV or 66kV down to primary distribution voltages of 11kV or 22kV.
  • Reduce the primary distribution voltages down to 400/230V suitable for final consumers.
  • The interface between various sections of the distribution system with different voltage levels.
  • Provide ideal voltages to supply electric railway systems.
  • Supply power to agricultural areas situated away from the main grid.
  • Cater to temporary loads on construction sites.

Ensuring Quality and Reliability

With such wide-ranging critical applications, distribution transformers need to meet stringent design and quality control parameters. The manufacturer undertakes rigorous testing to international standards to ensure:

  • No-load and full-load losses stay within prescribed limits
  • Impedance voltage values are correct
  • Temperature rise is within safe levels
  • Short circuit withstand capability meets stipulations
  • Dielectric strength and insulation levels are adequate
  • Efficiency at full load meets specifications

Adhering to such testing and QA regimes results in units that offer years of trouble-free service.



Distribution transformers play an indispensable role in our modern power distribution infrastructure, despite often going unnoticed. Their widespread installations across urban and rural areas serve as a testament to their crucial function – safely and efficiently stepping down high transmission voltages to the levels required by end users. Careful design, the use of quality materials, and strict manufacturing standards result in reliable transformer units that boast minimal energy losses and a reduced environmental impact.

As global electricity demand continues to grow, the role of quality distribution transformers will become increasingly vital in powering that growth through the last mile of the grid. At Prabha Power, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier, providing high-quality transformers that meet the specific requirements of diverse electrical systems. Our distribution transformers offer numerous benefits, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted power supply for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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